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POLVO StagHomme

You have seen Basque cutie Xavi go down on his lover Damien Crosse in a cable tv car in “Thugs in Public” video. At this moment we bring back this sexy fucker for his very first fuck flick “polvo staghomme” feat Francesco D’Macho. Slutty Xavi not merely he knows how to eat all of Francesco’s fat dick, yet also has a big hunger for his butt… shoving his fingers in his hole and devouring with his tongue till he hammers that ass and receives all of Francesco’s sticky load over his face.

This stag homme gay update will rock you world. You should simply grab a seat back there and enjoy one amazing and fresh scene as the two over there enjoyed a nice gay fuck on cameras just for your viewing delight. You will simply love Xavi’s blowing skills, like always. This time he deepthroat once again, in his special own way. Watch the hungry hunk eating that huge hard tool, choking on it till his cute hairy face gets moisturized with the creamy warm cum. Also, the ass fucking will be amazing, everyone! Just watch and drool by following the link bellow where you will find the entire scene, no interruption. Have fun, my friends!


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StagHomme – Wood, Sweat, Cum

Hello there and welcome back! This week you will enjoy a truly tough staghomme scene as these two horny workers engaged in a gay fuck right at work, all sweat and dirty. Watch them sucking and fucking in that place full of wood and hard things. Well, as both love hard tools, that just found the perfect place to enjoy a rough and quicky gay fuck, if you call a 30 minute fuck – quicky.

So anyway, what is important is that we have caught them on our cameras, so you can enjoy that amazing scene on our website by following the link bellow. We have it there with no interruption. Hit that button and watch that horny hunk getting his throat gagged with his new buddy’s hard tool, chocking on it right before he’ll spread the buttocks for it. As I said, the two had one amazing gay fuck during this fine afternoon and it would be suck a pity to skip this one. After they both got the mouth and the ass fucked, each one will spray the warm cum in some really hot places. Cum inside to see that jizz dripping down. See ya all there. Bye!


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The Sequel – Episode Three

We are back and this fresh stag homme will make your cock popping the boner of it’s life. And that is because there is nothing better than sitting back and watching a horny hunk like this one deepthroating a big one. That ripped dude will brag around with his blowing skills tonight, so just grab a seat back here and see what that hunk is capable of. I saying only that he will not stop until he takes out all the nasty cum from the hanging balls. Watch and drool.


So the hunk is again on screens. This talented joke was here before and had a great success with his other scene, the brothers. You guys asked him back and here he is, sucking again on some hard tool. He always insists to take that creamy jizz between his lips and we can be only glad about it. After he slurped on the thick cock, he will also receive a nice blowing session from his buddy. The two are making a great couple and you will see something between them. Watch then taking each other from some hot position, then spraying their cum all over the face, painting in white the tough faces just for your viewing delight.

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The Good Husband

Hello there! We have for you on staghomme scene one simply amazing video. The two hunks will get each other’s holes filled with the hard cock, and the best part is that one of them is also a hubby. He has a wife home and two kids. That’s why this scene is one of the hottest. Watch the inked dude fucking his mouth with that thick cock. The mouth that he also kisses his wife. Just watch and drool.

As I said, that inked dude will shove his giant piece of meat into his new buddy’s mouth. That new buddy is a loyal husband who wants to try something new. His wife has no idea that he loves sucking hard cocks and bending for some ass penetration to some inked hunks. Just watch him getting his throat gagged and chocking on the huge tool, then getting flipped over and fucked from behind just for your viewing delight. Just follow the link bellow for the entire scene. Also, stay tuned as we will be back next week with anther amazing gay fuck. I will leave you in their company now. I’m sure you’ll have  good time.


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The Brothers

We found another amazing scene for you guys and since you are so loyal to us, we will repay with a double dose of gay porn tonight. This amazingly horny couple enjoyed one hot fucking in the nature during this fine afternoon. We will offer you the entire scene tonight and, as a bonus, we will give you another hot gay scene starring two inked stud who stretched their holes on camera yesterday. Just make yourself comfy and get ready for these ones.

As you will see if you follow the link bellow, the two had this amazing gay fuck on the grass, in the nature. That dude who gets his ass fucked in the picture is one horny hunk who likes rough fucking sessions. He said to his buddies that ne never found a guy to fuck him rough enough. His buddy took those sayings as a challenge and came with a hot proposal. The two will go on some field and that crazy hunk will fuck his ass as hard as he could. He choose the lonely field because he knew that his buddy will scream in both pleasure and pain. Just watch him fucking his hole rough mad fast in all kind of position, offering him one amazing gay experience. Will he be satisfied enough? Cum inside and see that entire episode!


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The Barber’s Blade

A wonderful day like this needs a wonderful scene also. We just brought you our last scene starring two amazingly horny inked dudes who will take are of each other’s cock. One of them is the barber and he just found a good washing machine for his cock. Watch that inked dude slurping on his giant tool until it spews some nasty jizz all over his cute face.


Two tattooed studs always had a great success on camera, just like MadHunter’s Stalls last weeks. That’s why we brought you this horny couple who will be your company tonight. The hunks will show you  how a cock should be washed and how a tight ass should be treated. Watch that cute inked dude dropping on his knees and wrapping his lips around his barber’s hard tool, to repay him for the cut. He gets naked in no time and a hot ripped body will be exposed in all it’s glory all over the camera. Then he’ll get flipped and fucked from behind while he keeps rubbing his tool. Just hit that button bellow and enjoy the two horny dudes from the very beginning till the end, no interruption.

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Straight Man Fucks Me

Hello there! We have a very special stag homme scene today for all of you. This inked dude gets fucked by one straight blindfolded man. They are all playing this game and that dudes has no idea that he is fucking a man’s ass. Actually, he is enjoying so much and he will want some more after. Just follow that link bellow and see what the two are capable of.

As you will see, some hunks are playing one stupid game. The loser will have to leave himself blindfolded and the other one will do anything with him. Well, after they are blindfolding him, they bring some woman who will whisper in his ear to stay quiet. He thinks that the woman is sucking his cock, but in reality is this inked horny dude. After he got him hard, he turned abound and offered his tight ass for a nice ass penetration. That straight dude will think that he is fucking a woman and the horny inked guy will enjoy a nice ass fucking from a straight dude. Have fun watching, everyone by following the link bellow where you will find the entire scene. I’ll see ya all next week. Bye!


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StagHomme – The WhistleBlower

Another amazing staghomme hot scene is about to make your evening better. The two hunks enjoyed a nice gay fucking session and we caught them on our cameras just for your entertainment. Watch that whistleblower whistling on that meat whistler until his talented mouth gets filled with creamy jizz. He is hungry for it, that is sure and his new buddy will give him some to remember. Just watch and drool.

We simply love when we found couples like this one. The boys have this chemistry between. Not sure if you truly understand. They will get hard on each other, offering the cock for sucking or spreading the buttocks for some ass penetration. As you will see, one of them prefers sucking, and he will so all the way till the end with it, that meaning that he will take that cock between his lips and will suck on it all the way to the balls, getting his throat gagged. He gives a special attention to the balls also, sucking on them and massaging until they release the creamy juice inside. Watch the horny hunk taking that cum between his lips and swallowing only for your viewing delight. He’s gonna wait there, with his mouth wide open and the tongue out till that nasty cum is cuming out. Have fun watching, everyone and I’ll see you next week with fresh content! BYE!


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S.P.Q.R Guys Fucking

Hello there! One filthy scene was prepared for you tonight. These two dirty ripped hunks will engage in a hot gay scene and you just got front row seats to their hot show. Watch the horny stud dropping on his knees and getting his throat gagged on camera. The entire scene reminds us of the Middle Ages, when the men were true men, not pussies. So what the two real men sucking and fucking around.


As you will see, both are pretty rough and a little savage, reminding me of this heat stroke from last weeks where another horny gay couple fucked their holes eagerly. They will show no mercy for each other’s hole, going fast and tough on each other. Just watch that dirty stud dropping down and getting his eager throat gagged on camera as his new buddy shoves his cock deep inside his talented mouth, forcing him to suck that fucking tool. He will get his ass fucked, also. Watch him bended down, with the ass fucked and the hard cock bouncing while his buddy fucks that ass fast and rough. Just cum inside and enjoy the entire scene!

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Public Menace

Hello there! Another crazy hunk is ready to keep you company and this week we found a really naughty one. This inked joke will brag around with his huge hard cock in public. Watch him exposing that big piece of meat on the street, touching himself and getting hard right there, in public. He is the kind of stud you’ll love to see in action. So let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see what the hunk did this time.

Yes, that face looks familiar to me also. And that is because he was around here before in one amazing gay scene where he had that hard piece of meat washed by another crazy hunk. The two were amazing and tonight this one will be all alone. He will touch himself in public, getting his cock hard as a rock, hen he will pull it out for the camera. Watch him pulling down his pants and grabbing that cock our from his panties just for your viewing delight. The hunk will brag with the hard cock, exposing it in all it’s glory right there, in public. Grab a seat and hit that button bellow for the entire scene. Have fun watching, my friends!


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